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    It is a well-known fact that real wealth is created when investors get in on the ground floor!

    “People, people, and people, it all revolves around investing in the right people!”

    Investing in small to medium size businesses in the early stage of the business cycle can in some instances yield amazing results. We look at dozens of these investment opportunities yearly and do discover little gems from time to time.

    It’s important to have some ground rules when one search and analyse smaller unlisted companies. One aspect of private equity is that it is all about the person. The entrepreneur that operates on a higher level, that thinks out of the box and that has a strong vision are few and far between, but these are the individuals we like to partner with. Add honesty and integrity to the mix and you have a winning formula!

    We also like to diversify our private equity investments into hard currency businesses that operate in USD, Pound Sterling, Euro, etc.