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    At Walt Capital, we specialise in both the local and offshore investment arena. For any onshore investing, we use Allan Gray as our local fund platform with a carefully chosen fund selection, that we feel best carry the Walt Capital approach to wealth creation. Through Allan Gray, we are able to offer clients the following local investment options:

    • Tax Free Investment Accounts (TFSA)
    • Direct investment into top performing funds from all the major fund managers
    • Retirement Annuities that comply with Regulation 28
    • Living Annuities
    • Pension funds
    • Exposure to various offshore unit trusts

    Our very own Walt Capital Global Fund, which is our offshore fund (and one that we are particularly proud of), that clients can invest directly into. We decided to keep things simple have only one fund – the flexible worldwide fund priced in US dollars, offering excellent returns. Our aim at Walt Capital is for this fund to achieve 8 to 15% per annum in USD terms, regardless of market direction. Will we add more funds with different risk profiles in the years to come? Watch this space!

    Johannesburg Stock Exchange

    Aside from partnering with leading investment houses for local funds, we are also in partnership with one of the oldest stockbroking firms in South Africa, which allows us to manage share portfolios with shares held directly in the client’s name on the JSE at highly competitive rates.
    Locally, we offer clients the following products:

    • A direct share portfolio of JSE-listed shares
    • A direct Tax-Free Investment Account (TFSA), which is also held at a stockbroker that is invested in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
    • Derivative products and portfolios
    In conclusion – we offer the following products through our partners:
    • Tax Free Investment Accounts (TFSA) using Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
    • Tax Free Investment Accounts through a Unit Trust option
    • A direct portfolio of Unit Trusts (Outside of the Tax Free Investment Account legislation)
    • A direct portfolio of Unit Trusts in a Retirement Annuity
    • A direct portfolio of Units Trusts in a Living Annuity or Pension Fund
    • A direct portfolio of Unit Trusts with 100% Offshore Exposure via an Asset swap or direct offshore investment (when you physically take your money out of SA and invest directly)
    At Walt Capital, we believe in keeping investments simple. Every person need only 2 main investment vehicles,
    1. Offshore vehicle, like a asset protection trust to protect and grow their assets effectively.
    2. A Local Tax Free Investment Account.

    Invest with us today! Why wouldn’t you?