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    Aside from our Global Portfolio, another of our focuses here at Walt Capital is on constructing individual share portfolios. For investors looking for exposure to a diversified portfolio with local exposure, that is designed to outperform the market, with lower levels of volatility, we have our bespoke local investment portfolio.

    Our JSE listed Portfolio has a flexible mandate. This means that the portfolio can hold in excess of 30 shares or can be 100% in cash. It also depends where we see value in the market and how much risk capital we feel we can deploy to any one position. The portfolio may also hold different investment instruments at any one time. The manager may use hedging strategies from time to time to manage downside risk. This portfolio will never make use of gearing!



    SA Portfolio Performance

    When deciding to set up a portfolio, investors need to think about the potential tax and later estate implications. In many cases it’s better to set up a Trust or Investment Company and build the portfolio value in these entities over time. There could be significant tax savings as the portfolio start to gain in size in the years to come. Speak to us about the advantages and disadvantages of the different strategies one could possibly employ. Some are quite expensive to set up and maintain annually, so careful analyses need to be done to see if the costs outweigh the potential tax savings.