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    Trusts are an ideal vehicle with which to preserve, protect, and grow assets against all the different risks that we experience, ranging from political and currency risk to protection from creditors. It is a fantastic way to diversify risk and build that critical golden nest egg in a safe place!

    There are significant advantages to either investing through, or simply holding assets in an asset protection trust. In addition to those mentioned above, clients can grow their portfolio in a tax-friendly manner and protect their assets from frivolous lawsuits. Therefore, choosing the right vehicle is important.

    At Walt Capital, there are several different ways in which clients can diversify their portfolios, whether by setting up an Offshore Share Portfolio in their own name, or by establishing an Offshore Trust and then allowing the Share Portfolio to grow within that very structure. We can further diversify our clients’ portfolios by utilising local investment avenues, such as Unit Trusts, Local Direct Share Portfolios, or Retirement Annuities, to name a few.


    Setting up an offshore trust is NOT only for the wealthy, we feel that with as little as USD20 000 one should strongly consider setting up an offshore trust, you can always add more assets as time goes by. And it is surprisingly cost effective! Using Walt Capital as your offshore partner we can set up you trust for close to the same price as what a properly structured local South-African trust will cost. Don’t delay, talk to us now!

    Whether for personal trusts, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), or Private Asset Foundations, at Walt Capital we can facilitate the setup, as well as the management of your trust and all associated elements. Clients also have the choice of managing their own portfolios, as one of the several benefits of this offering is the ease of which clients can manage their own portfolios offshore.

    Due to the excellent benefits offered through Offshore Trusts, we have partnered with a leading Fiduciary partner in the Cook Islands, as this is arguably one of the best locations for international trusts worldwide. In fact we would argue it IS the number one jurisdiction in the world!

    The Cook Island Trust has been selected, as the Cook Islands form part of the New Zealand Commonwealth, and as such, they have a very stable government with a legal system based on traditional English law (even using retired New Zealand Supreme Court judges in their courts).

    English is the native language in the Cook Islands, making it a far more suitable option for clients, especially when it comes to the legal documentation, unlike some of the other countries offering international trusts.

    At Walt Capital, we are specialists in our fields and experts at managing portfolios. If you care about your wealth and want to build a long lasting legacy, want a trusted method whereby you can protect your assets, as well as benefit from LOW TAX or possibly even TAX FREE, USD-BASED growth, get in touch with us today to discuss your investment!