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    There are many reasons why having an international bank account makes perfect sense, such as asset protection, reduced political risk, and the freedom and ability to act globally when possible levies or capital control are in effect.

    At Walt Capital, we have a long-standing relationship with one of the top international banks in Latin America (it was actually voted the best international Bank in Latin America), and through this relationship, we can set up an international account for clients and/or their trusts at competitive rates. This provides you with global liquidity and access to international capital in a platform with exceptionally low interest rates.

    While we usually set these accounts up for investors and their trusts, should a client wish to have a personal bank account with a debit card, this too can be arranged.

    While there are excellent international account options to choose from, the process of selecting an international banking partner is still an important decision that should depend on the size of one’s portfolio, as well as one’s unique wants and needs.

    If you wish to see exceptional performance, simplify your investments and work with experts in said field. At Walt Capital, we are not only experts in our field, but also see our clients as fellow investors. We are here for the long haul.

    Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss which bank would best address your needs!